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Imagine getting paid weekly just for promoting your current business. If you like the idea of having businesses and business people as clients or customers, then the "League of Remarkable People" is for you.

The "League" program is guaranteed to make you money and save on operating expenses. In fact, you are losing money by not utilizing what we offer.

Insurance Agents, Real Estate Agents, B2B Agency Sales, Network Marketing, CPAs, Accountants, Business Coaches, Subscription Sellers, Membership Sellers, UPS® Stores, Print Shops, Coffee Shops, and other Brick-and-Mortar Businesses, can use our platform to increase THEIR sales And save on operating expenses. Watch the webinar below.
Watch The Webinar For All The Details
• Revenue from $1,000 worth of portfolio investments included.
• Revenue from huge interest rate FDIC insured U.S. Banks. (4% to 7%) daily.
• Revenue by simply having a "League" Platinum Membership.
• Revenue by inviting other people and organizations to get a "Box Store."
• Revenue from Manager plateau overrides on "Box Store" sales.
• Revenue generated from added clients or customers you'll receive.
• Revenue generated by saving on your business operating expenses.
• Revenue generated your first day. How? Just engage with other people.
• Revenue generated from the "Business Chamber of Commerce CREDIT UNION.
• Revenue generated from the Can't-Lose-Principal Crypto Trading Platform.
• Revenue generated with 3 "No Credit Check" financers for your customers.
• Revenue generated by saving on your payroll expenses.
• Revenue generated by saving on your employee medical expenses.
• Revenue can be generated by saving on Corporation startups.
• Revenue generated from NO CHARGEBACK credit card processing. See video
• Revenue generated ($1-for-$1) from credit card transactions.
• Revenue generated up to $350k on your mortgage. No monthly payments.
• Revenue generated with Whale of an Idea™ (Think Shark Tank). See below!
• Revenue generated with a "Box Store For Business" License.
• Revenue generated with the "Chamber" Credit Union. Over 1-billion in assets. 
• Our guarantee to help small to medium-sized businesses (and more).
• Build instant trust as you can use our "Brand," practically as your own "Brand."
• Be the go-to-person because of your new connections & services.
• Imagine the "League" helping you "stake" your claim in the business world.
• Become a Person-of-Interest (so people chase you).
• Engage more followers because of our unique benefits and services.
• Take advantage of our "Brand".
• Take advantage of our connections.
• Our great "vetting process" for added new products and services.
• Take advantage of our community.
• Utilize our 21 years in-the-making of the "league" process.
• The "Business Chamber" CREDIT UNION. Over 1-Billion in Assets. Coming Soon.
• The "$1,000 worth of trade" from a U.S. FDIC Insured Bank. Coming Soon.
• Take MasterCard & VISA with NO CHARGEBACKS. Coming Soon.
• Crypto Trading Platform. Guaranteed. Over 3K cryptos. Coming Soon.
• The "no-cost cash advance" on your home up to 360k. No monthly payment.
• Huge interest rate from FDIC insured U.S. Banks. (4% to 7%) daily.
• Give away unlimited ratings to any business or business person.
• They'll be able to download their AAA+ Logo and permissions.
• Give away unlimited "Whale of an Idea" show bookings. See sample show.
• They'll be able to download their "Whale of an Idea" Logo and permissions.
• See the logos. Click here.
• "Whale of an Idea" Writers Guild of America Reg. No. 2018581.
• They'll see your logo or banner ad every time they log in.
• They'll see links you provided us of other offers or opportunities.
• They'll see more information you provided to us.
• They'll be able to download their AAA+ Logo and permissions.
• They'll be able to download their "Whale of an Idea" Logo and permissions.
• Manager #1 ... pays $100 Upfront And Recurring Annually.
• Manager #2 ... pays $100 Upfront And Recurring Annually.
• Manager #3 ... pays $100 Upfront And Recurring Annually.
• Manager #4 ... pays $100 Upfront And Recurring Annually.
• Veteran's may be an affiliate of our program at NO CHARGE.
• Get paid weekly on all sales.
• Think like a Five-Star General with our World-Class Program.
• Earn your way to becoming a manager.
• Thank you for your service.
The Chamber's History
In 1999, we started as the Blue Diamond Business Chamber Of Commerce, located in Blue Diamond, Nevada. Once we discovered that the benefits and services of the Chamber could be used on a National basis, we shortened the name to the Business Chamber Of Commerce. In 2016 we became totally cloud-based "disruptive" and "decentralized," thereby making the Chamber experience more simple, efficient, and no red-tape.
Chairman - Leslie Robert Wolfe
League Of Remarkable People
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