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Office Destiny (description). Office Destiny™ provides incredible services to help virtually any type of business. Again, the value will shock you, and once people see the whole picture, they'll want it for only a total price of $10 yearly. Imagine free debit cards, a free "AAA+" Rating from the Business Chamber Of Commerce with its 20-year impeccable track record, a "Support Local Business Day" certificate and MORE!. Anyone in business knows other people in business. At a 78% conversion rate, do the math.
Ride-Sharing Express (description) is not a ride-sharing service. It's a "support" module for ride-share drivers, regardless of what service they're driving for. It's designed to help drivers lower expenses and give them benefits that the ride-sharing industry won't. Ride-Sharing Express is only $12 yearly. Ride-share drivers know other ride-share drivers. At a 78% conversion rate, do the math.
Giving 911 (description) offers millions of people ways to help their favorite Charity. With Giving 911™ their donation can now grow exponentially through the affiliate program. Giving 911™ can also be used to pay volunteers who normally don't get paid. Giving 911™ disrupts the Charity movement because it's designed for Charities to help OTHER Charities and, of course, get more donations. It's only $15 yearly. At a 78% conversion rate, do the math.
The "League" (description) is an incredible place where you'll discover REMARKABLE people who can not only help you in business but also inspire you to great lengths. How about the guy who's crippled and can only lie on his stomach, and yet, he wrote 4 books typing only one letter at a time. Stop complaining and pull yourself up by the bootstraps. Or how about the guy who's made millions in direct mail and is willing to "give back"? What could that do for your business? AND, that's just the beginning. It's only $60 yearly. At a 78% conversion rate, do the math.
Networking Podcasters (description). Did you know that there are over 2,000 NEW podcasts that start every week? Is that huge or what? They all need content and cover every topic imaginable. This module (as it grows) will provide benefits and services in the podcasting industry. Wouldn't you or your media representative like to go on those shows FREE to get more sales? This module is only $115 yearly. And, of course, ALL podcasters know other podcasters. At a 78% conversion rate, do the math.
Whale of an Idea (description). Think "Shark Tank" only better. Why play with the sharks when you can swim with the whales? 92% of all applications are accepted. YOU are in complete control of the show. Use your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop to make your presentation. Archived for one year. Get Funding, Licensing, Product Placement, Loans, Joint-Ventures and more. It's not always about the money. Everyone in the "League" and beyond will be able to see your show. Take your entrepreneurial dream to the next level. The price for your show to air is a total of $325. And of course, all entrepreneurs know other entrepreneurs. At a 78% conversion rate, do the math.
Top-Secret Boss (description). Ever see the CBS Hit TV Show "Undercover Boss"? It's where CEOs go undercover to find out what's going on with their business. It costs 1 million dollars to be on that show. Presenting TOP-SECRET BOSS.™ Now any business can use this concept without going undercover. Also included in this module is a way for you to monetize your business by TEACHING WHAT YOU KNOW at local colleges. No teaching degree required. Students become customers. This module is just $550. All bosses know other bosses. At a 78% conversion rate, do the math.
Access 2 Connections (description)Think of this module as a combination MasterMind Group and an Entrepreneur Group helping to obtain connections for people wanting to expand their business. It's not what you know, it's who you know, and who knows you. Try to say that fast three times. The total price is $1,100. At a 78% conversion rate, do the math.
"League" Opportunity (description). With our optional affiliate program, substantial revenues can be generated. Our program features: Get paid in realtime (no waiting for revenue checks). 100% of the product retail price is paid directly to the qualified affiliate. Payments made are by Bitcoin, Credit or Debit Card. The program width is three across and eight generations deep. Complete back office for tracking, purchases and affiliate information. SEE MORE INFORMATION BELOW.
The Founder Program. The Founder program ($97), will go away when we launch January 1, 2020. The primary reason to become a founder is the first-movers advantage. Get positioned before the masses. Get in and get your peeps ready. You and your people should get your Bitcoin accounts setup. With Bitcoin, transactions are quicker, and no confirmation from your buyer is required. Also, you should set up an account at TransferWise.com so your buyers can use their credit or debit cards. You'll also be able to use it for other things, too. However, when a buyer makes a purchase through TransferWise, the buyer will have to manually confirm the payment. No worries, it's a good headache to have. 
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