Imagine "Remarkable" People, Benefits, Services, And Resources to Help Your Business Grow, Save on Operating Expenses And Develop Meaningful Contacts. You've Got To See The Whole Program To Believe It!
Example: Businesses Have Paid Up To $1,000,000 to be on The CBS TV Hit Show "Under Cover Boss! Now, You Can Use This Same Concept With Our Platform And Save a Cool Million. Plus, a Whole Lot More.
So, What Can The "League Of Remarkable People" Do For Your Business? Read Below!
Here is What Our Platform Offers.
$0 Upfront Advertising. Advertise on the best websites & apps FOR FREE and only pay for in-store sales. Imagine advertising on Wells Fargo, Yelp, Hawaiian Airlines, USAA, and hundreds of other sites with absolutely no risk? NO pay per clicks. NO pay per impressions. You'll pay a commission only when actual sales occur. AND there are other fantastic advertising opportunities available with this package. This is NOT a trial period program so that you can advertise to your heart's content. Have several products you'd like to advertise? No problem. Advertise them all at NO RISK. Did you even know this exists? Think about it. This benefit alone is well worth the price to join the "League."
AAA+ Rating From The "Business Chamber Of Commerce. As a "League" subscriber, you'll receive the "AAA+" Rating from the Business Chamber Of Commerce with its 20-year impeccable track record for your "Gig," Business or Non-Profit Organization. Gig example: Let's say you're a rideshare driver, you'd be able to tout the fact that you have the Rating from the "Chamber" as a driver on your profile. This Rating comes in the form of .png logos and .svg files and can be used in all of your marketing, advertising, and packaging - instant approval. You'll also be able to say in print that you have the AAA+ Rating. Far better and more upscale than the BBB.
Employee Benefits. Enjoy discounts, rewards, and perks on thousands of the brands you love in a variety of categories: Travel, Auto, Electronics, Apparel, Local Deals, Education, Entertainment, Restaurants, Health and Wellness, Beauty / Spa Tickets, Sports & Outdoors. But wait, there's more.
How about $2,500 in interest-free credit with NO FICO score or membership fees. Shop thousands of your favorite name-brands and pay over time. Get Discount Gasoline and more. Even if you're a "Gig" economy worker, you can use these benefits. As a business person, you'll find this benefit alone is worth more than the "League" price to give your employees. You can provide these benefits to an unlimited amount of employees or affinity group members, subscribers, or followers at no additional charge.
How about a free app that will save you significant time at thousands of merchants when you checkout? Instant rebates plus other perks.
NEW Social Network For Business. Now you can "reach out" to other business people through a new social media platform that has eliminated many barriers. Example: I know some people that have had their business "shadowbanned" and, frequently, their business links will not work either in other social networks. Start networking with other business people TODAY, and help your business find prospects, things you might need, and also look for possible employees. You'll also be able to let anyone follow you even if they're not a "League" subscriber. Imagine the possibility of thousands of people using this platform? Think about it. JUST FIND ONE good prospect, and this alone is well worth the price to join the "League."
Free Medical Plan. You may have noticed that medical expenses are through the roof, right? Well now, you can give ALL your employees (or affinity groups, subscribers, followers) a completely FREE discount medical program - No COST to employers or employees. There is no catch. Get discounts at Hospitals, Dentists, Chiropractors, Eye Care, and Prescriptions. Sign-up as many employees as you want at no cost. This is not insurance. This benefit alone is well worth the price to join the "League."
Support Local Business Day.™ Support Local Business Day™ is celebrated on every 3RD Wednesday of the month. You can take advantage of this with our "Support Local" logos and FREE CERTIFICATE for your office or store window. Drive more traffic into your location or office. Also, the problem with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, is it's only one-day per year. "Support Local Business Day" will be every month. Just one small purchase from a local merchant can save thousands of jobs. Once you register for "The League," you'll automatically be a "supporter" and can utilize resources (as added) to help your local business.
Top-Secret Boss. Ever see the CBS Hit TV Show "Undercover Boss"? It's where CEOs go undercover to find out what's going on with their business. It costs 1 million dollars to be on that show. Presenting TOP-SECRET BOSS.™ Now any company can use this same concept without going undercover. This could save your business or help improve your current business. Quick learning curve. This benefit alone is well worth the price to join the "League."
Teach What You Know and Build Your Local Business. This unique process can be done quickly and makes you the "trusted authority" in your area of expertise (locally). Teach what you know at your local College. No degree required. The beauty is that it gives you greater credibility, which gets you more clients, and, most of the time, your students become customers. Get paid by the College and your students. Simple to initiate. Learn it in 40-Minutes! ... Build your local credibility and sales fast! This benefit alone is well worth the price to join the "League."
League Of Remarkable People.™ Are you, or do you know someone remarkable? This module is designed as a place for people and organizations to get "remarkably" inspired. Meet This Man: Imagine making a "killing" selling independent films in Malls. How's that even possible? He's produced 4 Christian movies and has learned a unique way to monetize his movies. Meet The King of Direct Mail: "Forget the internet. I love the United States Post Office." They've made me millions over the years." To give back, "The King" may be able to help your direct mail campaigns. And, by the way, "The King" has ONLY written over 60 books. Oh well, maybe someday he'll get the hang of that. Meet Leslie Robert Wolfe: This guy is some "weird" Brainiac. Impressive is one of his superpowers, and when asked what else he could do, he replied, "I can leap tall street curbs in one single bound." This is just the beginning. We would be honored if you'd join us to create an even greater platform for you and others.
Furthermore, we invite you to join our "League of Remarkable People" Brain Trust community of next-level thinkers. The "Brain Trust" is a virtual advisory board made up of selected early-stage leaders like yourself that helps guide the "League of Remarkable People" future through thinking, leadership, and innovation.

Active contribution to next-generation of thinking with peers in innovation, strategic “partnerships,” experience, solutions, and strategy. Guidance in prioritizing investments, building expertise, and developing new products and services. Strategic “partnerships” with leading entrepreneurs, refinement of strategy through insights into the client needs in a rapidly growing market space.

As our strategic-thought "partner," here's what you can expect: Participate in online, phone, and in-person conversation to help power our experiences and products. Get updates on the progress of ongoing plans and strategies that have been impacted by the "League of Remarkable People" Brain Trust. Join us to gather opinions, perceptions of the program, ways to improve interactions within the group, and other current topics of interest. Join us now!
Incredible Financial Services. Corporation Deal: Now, you can have a Corporation (or LLC) within 24-hours and check this out. All the Corporate papers are emailed directly to you, and the price includes a resident agent for one year. What's the price? It's a total of $150 and can all be done online and by phone. Indeed a "remarkable" deal.

Checkout This Interest Rate From FDIC Insured Banks: How about an amazing 1.5% Base Rate APY and can boost the APY to as high as 7% each day! Your account is FDIC-insured. No minimum deposit. No setup fees. Earn and withdraw at any time. More than 200 U.S. Banks are utilizing this concept. Setup your account within minutes.

DEBIT CARD FEATURES: Direct deposits (up to 2 days early). Transfers from other bank accounts. Mobile check deposits. Transfers from Square Cash, Venmo, Facebook Messenger & PayPal Instant Transfer. Cash-back at the point-of-sale. ATM withdrawals at 55,000 ATMs with no fees. Over the Counter withdrawals. Pay stuff with Bill pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Extra security with EMV chip. Budgeting Tools. Spend Tracking, and more. NO MONTHLY FEES. NO ATM BALANCE FEE AT 55,000 ATMs. NO AUTOMATED IVR FEES. NO "LIVE" AGENT FEES. NO EMAIL OR CHAT FEES. NO REPLACEMENT CARD FEES. NO SHIPPING FEES FOR YOUR CARD(s) and NO CASH-ADVANCE FEES.

It's Incredible. THE PERFECT PAYROLL CARD for paying employees because it costs you nothing. The debit card provider makes its money on the back-end. You pay NOTHING for the cards (not even shipping costs). Your employees pay nothing for the card. NO MONTHLY FEES! Transaction fees may apply.

Check Out "No Credit Check" Financing For Your Customers: 1. This financing option features an excellent no credit check financing program for merchants who specialize in services. Examples: Auto repair. Attorneys. Carpet cleaning. Nail salons. Consulting and just about anything service-related. Especially anything medical related like dental, chiropractic, doctors, and so on. Even people with NO JOB can qualify up to $500 in financing. The financing company collects the payments from the customers and GUARANTEES you the monthly payment. YOU, as the merchant, is never in the payment managing business.

2. This provider is the one that offers no credit check financing, where the customer needs a sound checking account and makes a minimum of $1,300 per month. You keep the full amount of the loan, and as the merchant, the funds are paid directly to you upfront.

3. This provider has many different financing options. The one we're referring to is where the customer comes into your retail store. Let's say it's a $500 purse. The customer pays immediately 25% ($125), then for the next three weeks, they pay $125 per week for a total of $500. No interest charges and the customer once they've made that first payment to YOU at your location, leaves the store with the merchandise. YOU, as the merchant, are paid in full immediately.

Financing has proven that your sales can increase by 20% (or more).

Checkout This Amazing Bank: Located in the U.S. And yes, it's FDIC Insured. What's so surprising? You can open a business checking account online without being there in person for only $5. You can also deposit money in your account using Paypal and other methods. Also, the Bank will not overdraft your account should you have insufficient funds. Very easy to open. Fantastic for virtually any business.
What is "Whale of an Idea?" Think "Shark Tank" only better. Why play with the sharks when you can swim with the whales? 92% of all applications are accepted. YOU are in complete control of the show. Use your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop to make your presentation or do a fancy production. Get Funding, Licensing, Product Placement, Loans, Joint-Ventures, Affiliates and more. It's not always about the money. Everyone in "The League" and beyond will be able to see your show. Take your entrepreneurial dream to the next level. Whale of an Idea™ is registered with The Writers Guild of America Reg. No. 2018581. Click Here to Watch Sample Show. Or, you can click here to get more information. Just Added. You can do up to 20 shows per year !!!!
More Business Benefits. FREE Payroll Services: Are you a small business and find payroll a major hassle? No Problem! Now you'll have FREE payroll services for up to 25 employees. How is that done? It's advertising-supported.
How to Cold-Call Without Cold-Calling: Learn this technique in minutes. Works incredibly well. Great for getting past the "gatekeeper." Now you can eliminate any fear or hesitation about cold calling. This process is so simple that anyone can start using it immediately. It's the perfect on-the-phone lead generator that has no selling involved. Are you tired of hearing "No"? ... Then this benefit is for you.
Reverse Negotiating: This system allows the customer to CLOSE YOU, thereby creating MORE sales for your product or service. Great for software, memberships, scripts, ebooks, home study courses, domain names, training, and coaching. In other words, anything digital or service related ... (Works with some hard goods as well). Learn the system within 30 minutes. Sell your services for HIGHER PRICES and CLOSE MORE DEALS at the same time. This 17-minute video will teach you everything you'll need to know.
Discount Office Supplies: Receive discounts and special business savings programs from several vendors, including Office Depot, UPS, Hertz, 4imprint, BP Gasoline, and many others.
The value of "League Of Remarkable People" goes up every month because we'll continue to add more unique resources. Typically, you'll receive an email every two weeks with updates of newly vetted resources. This benefit alone can save you painful weeks of research and testing. You'll want to join our program so you can get a jump on everyone else that doesn't. Do you have a (UNIQUE product or service) that's not a "me too" product or service that could help "The League of Remarkable People" subscribers? Join us today!
The continuously added benefits are one of the "best uses" of our platform because not everyone uses every resource at once. What you may not need now, you may need in the future and so on.
When you go through the sign-up process, you'll need to fill out the affiliate form to receive your "League" discount. Don't worry; it's short. Want more affiliate information? Just click here.
$0 upfront advertising expense for your retail business on major websites. But it doesn't stop there. Included are other advertising services to help virtually any industry. This alone is worth the price to join.
AAA+ Rating in the "Business Chamber Of Commerce" with its 20-year track record. Far superior to the BBB. You can use the Rating for your business and individual products or services. Consumers respect the fact that you'll be an advisor with the "League of Remarkable People" and have the AAA+ Rating. Authority matters.
Great Employee Benefits. Discounts on thousands of products. $2,500 credit line for employees in purchasing name-brand products. NO FICO score needed.
New Social Network for Business. Do business with other business people. Just one good contact more than pays the price to join the "League." Use the network to find employees' great contacts and resources. This network is new so you'll be on the ground floor.
Free Medical Plan. Get discounts at Hospitals, Dentists, Chiropractors, Eye Care, and Prescriptions for your affinity group, membership, subscription base, or employees. Typically this benefit is priced at $20 per month for each user. NOW it's at no cost to you or the user.
Support Local Business Day. Get your logos and wall certificate. "Support Local" will be celebrated on every 3RD Wednesday of the month. Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday are beautiful, but they're ONLY once per year. "Remarkable" people want more activity than that!
Top Secret Boss.™ Find out what's going on in your business without having to go undercover. This could save your business or make vast improvements. The CBS Hit TV Show "Undercover Boss" charges one million dollars to have this done. With our platform "Top Secret Boss" is included.
Teach What You Know and Build Your Local Business. Teach what you know at local colleges. No teaching degree required. Become a local authority. Students can become customers for your business.
Incredible Financial Services. $150 corporations and LLCs which Include resident agent. FDIC Insured U.S. Bank that pays 1.5% - 7% APY base rate daily with no minimum deposit and withdraw at any time. Get free debit cards. This includes shipping - no monthly fees. Typical transaction fees apply. Use them as payroll cards. Three sources of no credit check financing. Did you know that financing can increase your business by up to 20%? Amazing FDIC insured U.S. Bank opens a business checking account without being there in person for only $5. You can deposit funds in your account using PayPal.
Join The "League Of Remarkable People." Be part of the "brain trust" and use our unique benefits and services to help your business grow. Joining us will place you on the advisory board. As you can see, the majority of all our benefits are NOT just me to resources. Be "Remarkable" or hit the bricks.
Whale of an Idea! Do you have one? Need funding, joint ventures, licensing, product placement, affiliates. Create your show using just your smartphone or fancy production. Why play with the sharks when you can swim with the whales? Know this: "Remarkable" people are always looking for the next unicorn.
More Business Benefits! Free payroll services. How to cold-call, without cold-calling. Reverse negotiating as a skill set. Discount office supplies. And, of course, it doesn't stop there. We're continually adding more. One of the beautiful things about the "League" is the value will continue to grow. And, you need to be there when that happens to have a marketing advantage.
New Resources Added Monthly. Think of us as your benefit and resource aggregator. Every two weeks, we will add more resources for you to help your business with marketing, software, consulting, and many other opportunities that will give you a business advantage.
Additional Revenues as an Affiliate. Make your business more monetized. Just simply refer other people and organizations so they too can be remarkable and make weekly revenue.
There Are No Monthly Fees to Use Our Platform. The price is a yearly fee, followed by a small annual fee. Our program is not for everyone, but if you feel that you rise above the fold and are an exception to the rule (and want to help your business), then join us now!
What Happens After I Make Payment? Once your payment is received, we create your platform, and you'll have access within 24 hours.
There is Only One Way to Not Benefit With Our Program. And That's By Not Using it. Remember, This is the "League Of Remarkable People." Are You a Remarkable Person or Company? Then Join Us!
Price to be a "League of Remarkable People" advisor and to receive all of its benefits and services is $2,500. HOWEVER, fill out the "affiliate form" from an authorized affiliate, and your price is only $2,000.
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