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Want to be a "Founding Member" for $97 (no monthly fees)? It's done through the "Business Chamber Of Commerce." First. Fill out the simple registration form. You'll also be asked for the name of the person that invited you.

After you've made your payment, contact us (24/7) to confirm we've received it. Once we have your payment, we will enter you in the program. When we have our representative "back office" built, you'll be added and can use that, from that point on.
Next, Make Your Payment.
You can pay by using a Credit Card, Debit Card, or Bank Account through Cash App or an alternative payment solution. Simply go to Business Chamber Of Commerce and make your $97 payment.
Then, How To Get Started?
Start referring every one you know to this website (league of remarkable people). When they sign-up, (just like you did), they'll enter YOU as the referring inviter.
We'll Be Launching Soon.
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