Generate Revenues From Each Person or Organization You Invite to The "Card Program." Start Making Profits Right Now From "Founding Members" And "Branch Offices." Plus, Profit From Other Peoples Efforts!
Even Though Customers Only Pay $2.50 to Have The "Card Program," (which is an amazing offer), The Fortunes That Can Be Made as a "Founding Member" or "Branch Office" Owner, Can Be Awesome!
Here's How it Works. We have a platform called Access 2 Connections™ (A2C) which is where we've taken 20 of our benefits and services and packaged it into one membership. The membership normally retails for $297. However, when someone purchases the $97 (founding member) licensing program, they will receive a "promo code" that allows their associates, clients, and customers to get ALL the benefits and services for just $2.50 per year. Truly an amazing offer.

When you refer someone who buys the $97 license (founding member), you'll make a $37 commission.
Years in The Making, The "League of Remarkable People" Provides a Treasure of Remarkable Benefits. Buying the $97 license (founding member), also gets you "positioned" for the entire program BEFORE WE LAUNCH. Moreover, once we do launch, the masses that come in afterward could dramatically help you financially. Of course, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) states we cannot guarantee it, but once you see the whole program, you'll have a greater understanding.
What is The "Branch Office" Program? It's pretty much like it sounds. You can have a LOCAL "League of Remarkable People" Branch Office, where you provide all types of benefits and services to help businesses grow and save on operating expenses. Having a "local" retail office is NOT required. It can be from your home. Becoming a BRANCH OFFICE owner places you in a "leadership" role with our program and can greatly increase your revenues.

Example: When the Department of Jobs™ becomes available, you will receive a 50% commission on all "job listing" upgrades from your Branch Office. At the same time, you can pay a 25% commission to anyone that refers "advertising upgrades" to your office. Remember! The job website will include Business Opportunities and Work-at-Home categories as well.

Anyone of your personally signed ($97 founding members) that refers to or uses the "job listing" website will be credited to you until your "$97 founding members" upgrade to a "branch office." Remain calm, you still benefit from other overrides.

As a Branch Office owner, you'll be able to offer appropriate products and services provided by other people and organizations. Think of the "League of Remarkable People" like an umbrella. It's almost like a franchise. Furthermore, you'll also be given "advanced knowledge" of upcoming products, benefits, and services before the masses. Again, this will give you a great marketing advantage.

There will be more overrides on other services as they're announced just for "branch office" owners.

AND, as Part of Your BRANCH OFFICE, you'll also be given a banner ad inside the Access 2 Connections™ membership so that any member that signed up using your "promo code," will see YOUR BANNER each time they log in or get updates. Example: Let's say you're a business coach, each time your people log in, they'll see the banner ad about your coaching program. As your people tell other people, and they tell other people and so on about Access 2 Connections,™ you'll be receiving an enormous "viral" effect, again, generating more revenues for your coaching program.

Please note, The "business coach" thing was just an example. The banner space you'll receive can link to ANY business model.

What Is The Price to Own a Branch Office? To be a "branch office" owner is $2,500. Then annually, there will be a $500 renewal. When you invite someone and they buy their own 'branch office," you make a $1,000 commission upfront and $250 on renewals.
What is The Merchant Program? It's a program designed initially to save money for shoppers at thousands of merchants worldwide and help charities at the same time. The program is accessed in the form of an App. The program also helps merchants get more customers from App users.

Coming soon will be an (optional) monthly program with this tool. The idea is that millions of people and merchants will enter because of all the benefits and services they'll derive from it. The estimated monthly fee will be around $29 - $39 per month.

This aspect of the program could generate over $100,000 per month for you.

See Example Merchants Onboard Now: Here's a partial list of the merchant's.
(see commissions below).
$97 Founding Members. Pays $37.
$2,500 Branch Office. Pays $1,000.
$500 Branch Office Renewal. Pays $250.
Department of Jobs Upgrades. Pays 50%.
Department of Jobs Resellers. Pays 25%.
Debit Card Commissions. Coming Soon.
Imagine Using The "Card Program" For The Following to Generate More Revenue For Your Business. If You Could Get More Leads, Close More Deals, More People at Webinars, More People at Seminars, More Insurance Quotes, More People Seeing Your Business Opportunity, More People Joining Your Social Network, Signing Up More Members, Signing Up More Subscribers, More Exposure For Your Media Outlet, To Help Fund Non-Profits, Access To The Worlds Most Amazing Debit Card, or to Get More Funding, Wouldn't That Be Worth $2.50?
That's Why Millions Of People Will Sign-Up For This Deal. Lock Up Your Position Now And Watch as People Follow You Through The Funnel!
Here's What to do Next.
Decide if you want to be a "Founding Member" for $97 or a "Branch Office" owner for $2,500 (which also includes making you a Founding Member). Then fill out the simple registration form. You'll also be asked for the name of the person that invited you.

After you've made your payment, contact us (24/7) to confirm we've received it. Once we have your payment, we will enter you in the program. When we have our representative "back office" built, you'll be added and can use that, from that point on.
How to Make Your Payment.
To Be a $97 Founding Member, Click Here.
To Be a "Branch Office" Owner. Contact us (below) for payment.
We'll Be Launching Soon, But There is No Exact Date.
Contact us or other information.
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