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How Does it Work?
Virtually all major Crowdfunding Platforms such as Kickstarter, Indegogo, and GoFundme are nice but miss one very important aspect, there's no incentive to tell other people (contributors) or organizations about the CrowdFunding Project.
It's just "thanks" for visiting, and how much of a donation would you like to make?
With the "Leagues" program, it's not just thanks for the donation, but it's also a platform where when the contributor gives (by using the free "league" app or purchasing A2C access to connections), this helps fund your project!
When the contributor does this, now they too can benefit financially by telling their friends and associates about the program. This is something the traditional platforms do not offer. Because our program is free to join (unless you're considering to be a founding member), and because of the immense value, benefits, and services that are offered, you can't help but get some funding from customers and affiliates in your organization that can pay you 12 Plateaus deep.
Remember. As people use the app, they save money on purchases and help fund your project (and theirs) if they have one. Either way, the contributor gains, GUARANTEED!
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