The Following "Remarkable" Services Are Coming Soon!
Everything Under One Umbrella
Look at What's Included in "More Connections." Amazingly, it will replace ClickFunnels, InfusionSoft, LeadPages, Active Campaigns, SendGrid, MailChimp, Kartra, Teachable, Thinkflic, Invanto, Vimeo Pro, Wistia, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, WordPress, ZenDesk, Freshdesk, Calendy, Acuity, Book Like a Boss,, Tryinteract, Riddle, Shopify, Paykickstart, SamCart, And More.

Stuff Done-For-You. You'll also have the ability to have everything done-for-you. This is great for people who don't have time or the tech skills to utilize these features.

Additional Revenues. Yes. You can earn 40% commissions with 10% overrides from other people's efforts.
Will Be Available Worldwide !!!
Department Of Jobs.™ On most major "job" websites it can cost thousands of dollars to run employment ads. However, the Department Of Jobs™ is disrupting the industry where an employer can run a "job listing" for an entire year, for just a $2.50 (two dollars and fifty cent) registration fee, plus they can change their ad at any time during the course of the year for FREE!

In addition to that, they'll also be a Business Opportunity and Work-at-Home category on the platform. Furthermore, there will be upgraded opportunities for better placement and exposure.

Check out the typical "job listing" websites. charges $16 per day to run an employment ad. That's $5,840 per year. charges something like $700 per month. That's $8,400 per year. charges a minimum of $5 per day. That's $1,825 per year. Department Of Jobs™ charges $2.50 per year! This type of pricing is simply, unheard of.

We'll also have an Optional Revenue Generation Model with the "League Of Remarkable People" in association with the Department Of Jobs,™ so you can increase your income by helping other people get, jobs and businesses.

Think about it. People seeking employment (or a business), know other people seeking employment (or a business).
Will Be Available Worldwide !!!
What is The Dining Program? It gives restauranteurs immediate extra cash-flow because of the new 5-Star Rating for their top-selling Entree' and Dessert - Guaranteed!

Is there a Big Learning Curve? NO! Owners, managers, and employees understand the program within minutes. THIS is a very simple, highly-effective campaign. Virtually every restaurant should be using this program.

Restaurant Owner? Add up to $60,000 or more per year to your bottom line. This program will also work for average restaurants and cafe's as well.
What are Access 2 Connections?™ It's the ultimate super business package that includes 20 of the above benefits and services. But here's the amazing thing. People will be able to get "access" to ALL the benefits and services for just $2.50 (two dollars and fifty cents) registration fee for an entire year. Normal retail is $297. As a one-time $97 licensee (founding member) for the "League of Remarkable People," you will receive your own promo code so your people, clients, and customers won't have to pay the $297. Again, it's just $2.50 which includes everything. If you're looking for a catch, there is none.

My name is Leslie Robert Wolfe. Now people have said, "this is way too good to be true. No way this can be fulfilled." Well, as Commissioner Of The "Business Chamber Of Commerce" for 20 years, I can assure you, it can be.

Access 2 Connections™ will be Offering 20 Million of These Memberships in one of the World's greatest time in need to help businesses grow and save on operating expenses. AND, you can prosper by using it yourself and introducing the "Card Program" to other people if desired.
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