As a Chamber "Educational Program" Member, You'll Receive Full Access And Direct Contact To All The Following Products And Services! Use The Services Personally or Value-Add Them To Your Project.
GET UP TO 4% APY DAILY ON YOUR MONEY (Pays as High as 7%)! Your Account is FDIC-Insured By U.S. Banks. No Switching. No minimum deposit. No setup fees. Earn and withdraw at any time. Setup your account within minutes. Special thanks to the "remarkable" people who put this together. Over 200 U.S. Banks will make this program available to you.
Employee Benefits. Enjoy discounts, rewards, and perks on thousands of the brands you love in a variety of categories: Travel, Auto, Electronics, Apparel, Local Deals, Education, Entertainment, Restaurants, Health and Wellness, Beauty / Spa Tickets, Sports & Outdoors. But wait, there's more.

How about $2,500 in interest-free credit with NO FICO score or membership fees. Shop thousands of your favorite name-brands and pay over time. Even if you're a "Gig" economy worker, you can use these benefits. 
Teach What You Know and Build Your Local Business. This unique process can be done quickly and makes you the "trusted authority" in your area of expertise (locally). Teach what you know at your local College. No degree required. The beauty is that it gives you greater credibility, which gets you more clients, and, most of the time, your students become customers. Get paid by the College and your students. Simple to initiate. Learn it in 40-Minutes! ... Build your local credibility and sales fast!
1. Financing Your Customers. This financing option features a great no credit check financing program for merchants who specialize in services. Examples: Auto repair. Attorneys. Carpet cleaning. Nail salons. Consulting and just about anything service-related. Especially anything medical related like dental, chiropractic, doctors, and so on. Even people with no JOB can qualify up to $500 in financing. The financing company collects the payments from the customers and GUARANTEES you the monthly payment. YOU as the merchant are never in the payment collecting business.

2. Financing Your Customers. This provider is the one that offers no credit check financing where the customer needs a good checking account and makes a minimum of $1,300 per month. You keep the full amount of the loan and as the merchant, the funds are paid directly to you upfront.

3. Financing Your Customers. This provider has many different financing options. The one we're referring to is where the customer comes into your retail store. Let's say it's a $500 purse. The customer pays immediately 25% ($125), then for the next 3 weeks, they pay $125 per week for a total of $500. No interest charges and the customer once they've made that first payment, leaves the store with the merchandise. YOU as the merchant are paid in full immediately.
FREE Discount Medical Program ... Imagine giving yourself and employees a "Discount Medical Program" that costs you nothing! No catch. No gimmick. The program includes Discounts at Hospitals, Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Dentists, Eye Care, and Pharmacies. The program can also be used as a stand-alone or in conjunction with insurance. Typically, discount medical programs cost anywhere from $20-$30 per person, per month. Think of the savings? Use it to cover an UNLIMITED amount of employees (also covers you and your family) Please Note: You'll need to get your GROUP NUMBER directly from your provider (free).
Get a multitude of FREE payroll services for up to 25 employees. If you have more than 25 employees, there's a small fee. This is PERFECT for small businesses and startups! And, it's also totally disrupting the payroll industry. advertising supported.
Corporation Deal: Now, you can have a Corporation (or LLC) within 24-hours and check this out. All the Corporate papers are emailed directly to you, and the price includes the state fee and resident agent fee for one year. What's the price? It's a total of $150 and can all be done online and by phone. Indeed a "remarkable" deal. 
$0 - No Upfront Cost Advertising. Guaranteed Results Advertising. Imagine having your business, local or national, advertised on high traffic websites with NO RISK? Websites like: Bank of America, Yelp, Virgin Airlines, and of course, a whole lot more. No Upfront Money or Deposits of Any kind. Virtually any type of business (NO MEDICAL) can use this program. When YOU get sales first, then you pay a commission (typically 20%). Receive thousands of dollars in advertising with no upfront expenses. Your account comes with a portal so you can track all your results. This is not a trial period and there are no monthly fees to run your ads.
Support Local Business Day.™ Support Local Business Day™ is celebrated on every 3RD Wednesday of the month. You can take advantage of this with our "Support Local" logos and FREE CERTIFICATE for your office or store window. Drive more traffic into your location or office. Also, the problem with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, is it's only one-day per year. "Support Local Business Day" will be every month. Just one small purchase from a local merchant can save thousands of jobs. Once you register for our program, you'll automatically be a "supporter" and can utilize resources (as added) to help your local business. 
How to Cold-Call Without Cold-Calling: Learn this technique in minutes. Works incredibly well. Great for getting past the "gatekeeper." Now you can eliminate any fear or hesitation about cold calling. This process is so simple that anyone can start using it immediately. It's the perfect on-the-phone lead generator that has no selling involved. Are you tired of hearing "No"? ... Then this benefit is for you. 
Reverse Negotiating: This system allows the customer to CLOSE YOU, thereby creating MORE sales for your product or service. Great for software, memberships, scripts, ebooks, home study courses, domain names, training, and coaching. In other words, anything digital or service related ... (Works with some hard goods as well). Learn the system within 30 minutes. Sell your services for HIGHER PRICES and CLOSE MORE DEALS at the same time. This 17-minute video will teach you everything you'll need to know.
Discount Office Supplies: Receive discounts and special business savings programs from several vendors, including Office Depot, UPS, Hertz, 4imprint, BP Gasoline, and many others.
How to Tout Your Website Correctly: Did you know that 90% of people are doing it wrong? And, it's costing businesses thousands of dollars and lost leads. Even the fortune 500 companies are doing it wrong. Learn within minutes how to "tout" your website correctly and stop losing prospects.
Top-Secret Boss. Ever see the CBS Hit TV Show "Undercover Boss"? It's where CEOs go undercover to find out what's going on with their business. It costs 1 million dollars to be on that show. Presenting TOP-SECRET BOSS.™ Now any company can use this same concept without going undercover. This could save your business or help improve your current business. Fast learning curve.
What is Whale of an Idea?™ Think "Shark Tank" only better. Why play with the sharks when you can swim with the whales? 92% of all applications are accepted. YOU are in complete control of the show. Use your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop to make your presentation or do a fancy production. Get Funding, Potential Partners, Licensing Deals, Product Placement, Loans, Joint-Ventures, Advisors, Affiliates, Interviews, and more. It's not always about the money. Everyone on "our platform" and beyond will be able to see your show. Take your entrepreneurial dream to the next level. Whale of an Idea™ is registered with The Writers Guild of America Reg. No. 2018581. There is a $29 fee (normally $300), to process your show. PLEASE NOTE: You do not pay the fee unless your show is approved first. Your program is also archived for all future airings.
Did You Know? "Shark Tank" gets like 20,000 applications per season. What do you think the odds of YOU making it are? Their space is very limited. "Whale of an Idea" can accept thousands of applicants giving you a great opportunity for not only what you may be seeking, but also what somebody else may have that's a "Whale of an Idea," and you can get in on the ground floor.
Did You Know? "Elevator Pitch" also has many applicants. They can be found on the Entrepreneur magazine website (google it). Here's the thing. Even if you qualify, you still have to cover expenses like travel and any props you have to get there. Then, you've got 60-seconds (that's why they call it elevator pitch) to prove your project, if you fail in that 60-seconds, you're history.
What's The Moral of The Story? Why settle for 4 to 5 sharks determining your future when you can have thousands of "whales" seeing in what way they can help you. This takes your presentation to a whole new level. Join us. Watch a Sample Show.
The Following "Remarkable" Services Are Coming Soon!
Department Of Jobs.™ On most major "job" websites it can cost thousands of dollars to run employment ads. However, the Department Of Jobs™ is disrupting the industry where an employer can run a "job listing" for an entire year, for just a $2.50 (two dollars and fifty cent) registration fee, plus they can change their ad at any time during the course of the year for FREE!

In addition to that, they'll also be a Business Opportunity and Work-at-Home category on the platform. Furthermore, there will be upgraded opportunities for better placement and exposure.

Check out the typical "job listing" websites. charges $16 per day to run an employment ad. That's $5,840 per year. charges something like $700 per month. That's $8,400 per year. charges a minimum of $5 per day. That's $1,825 per year. Department Of Jobs™ charges $2.50 per year! This type of pricing is simply, unheard of.

We'll also have an Optional Revenue Generation Model with the "League Of Remarkable People" in association with the Department Of Jobs,™ so you can increase your income by helping other people get, jobs and businesses.

Think about it. People seeking employment (or a business), know other people seeking employment (or a business). 
What is The Dining Program? It gives restauranteurs immediate extra cash-flow because of the new 5-Star Rating for their top-selling Entree' and Dessert - Guaranteed!

Is there a Big Learning Curve? NO! Owners, managers, and employees understand the program within minutes. THIS is a very simple, highly-effective campaign. Virtually every restaurant should be using this program.

Restaurant Owner? Add up to $60,000 or more per year to your bottom line. This program will also work for average restaurants and cafe's as well.
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