Remarkable Benefits for Your Business Plus The $100 Billion Dollar Financial Concept!
The World's Most Incredible Cleaning Product. Here are the features:
• USDA Authorized for "federally inspected" food processing plants.
• Meets OSHA Standards.
• Meets EPA Standards.
•  NSF® International/Nonfood Compounds Registered.
• Organic and 100% Biodegradable.
• Now Re-Formulated as a "Trade Secret."
• No Butyl, No Phosphates, No Meta-silicates, No Caustics and No Acids!
• Non-toxic and does not irritate the skin.
• Very Pet Friendly. Including bathing, eliminating odors, germs (i.e., bacteria) and other worries!
• When used to remove outdoor graffiti, it will degrade into fertilizer.
• Highly concentrated.
• Can clean virtually anything, including Lakes and Oceans.
• The creator is seeking help and suggestions for the product.
• You'll have direct access.
AAA+ Rating For Your Business. Issued by the "Business Chamber of Commerce" with its 21-year track record. "Sophisticated Members" will have a LIFETIME AAA+ rating for their business. See sample logo below. You'll also receive the logo in a dot-png and SVG file to make any changes needed, such as your language.
New "Zoom" Type Platform. Make an incredible "splash" with the world's simplest webinar platform ever, FREE! No software to download. Just enter your name and be on a webinar instantly. Now that wasn't hard, was it? Have up to 200 people (or more if needed). This platform can also be used for Music artists and comedians, so audiences can WATCH your material LIVE. You'll have direct access to the platform's creator, who's looking for feedback from users.
Get Your Local Business Endorsed By a Celebrity For Under $1,000. Learn how to promote it, where to share it on Social media, how to turn your endorsement in to sales. How to craft your presentation to get the celebrity you want and more. You can even have somebody else do it for you.
Guaranteed Financing For Your Customers. This financing option features a great-no-credit check-financing program for merchants who specialize in services. Example: Auto repair. Attorneys. Carpet cleaning. Nail salons. Consulting and just about anything service-related. Especially anything medically related like dental, chiropractic, doctors, and so on. Even people with no JOB can qualify for up to $500 in financing. The financing company collects the payments from the customers and GUARANTEES you the monthly payment. YOU, as the merchant, are never in the payment -collecting business. PLUS! We give you two other sources of unique financing for your customers.
Free Payroll Service. Get a multitude of FREE payroll services for up to 25 employees. If you have more than 25 employees, there's a small fee. This is PERFECT for small businesses and startups! Here's an example of what's included: Pay Employees & Contractors, Tax Calculations & Forms, Direct Deposits or Paper Checks, Vacation Time Tracking, Employee Portal, Detailed Reporting, Friendly, Knowledgeable Customer Service, Integration Tools and more. It's completely free because they are advertising supported.
$0 - No Upfront Cost Advertising. Guaranteed Results Advertising. Imagine having your business, local or national, advertised on high-traffic websites with NO RISK? Websites like: Bank of America, Yelp, Virgin Airlines, and, of course, a lot more. No Upfront Money or Deposits of Any kind. Virtually any type of business (NO MEDICAL) can use this program. You get sales FIRST, then you'll pay a commission (typically 20%). Receive thousands of dollars in advertising with no upfront fees. Your account comes with a portal, so you can track all your results.
Free Discount Medical Program. Imagine giving yourself and your employees a "Discount Medical Program" that costs you nothing! No catch. No gimmick. The program includes Discounts at Hospitals, Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Dentists, Eye Care, and Pharmacies. The program can also be used as a stand-alone or in conjunction with insurance. Typically, discount medical programs cost anywhere from $20-$30 per person, per month. Think of the savings! Use it to cover an UNLIMITED amount of employees (also covers you and your family). Please Note: You'll need to get your own GROUP NUMBER directly from the provider (free).
Unlimited Free Bank ACH Transfers. Plus, this payment solution acts like a merchant account as well. (This is NOT Stripe or PayPal.)
Life Long, Self-Charging Batteries. Imagine a battery the size of a dime that could power your laptop for a minimum of 10 years! Power automobiles, homes, businesses at a fraction of the cost. No more power outages. Be on the ground-floor as to the rise of this technology.
Own a Restaurant or Coffee Shop With Food? Receive a GUARANTEED 5-Star Rating for your best entrée and your best dessert. You'll be able to charge more for the item because of the rating, which guarantees you added revenue. The only way you can lose is if you do not use the program. Can be used by ANY restaurant or coffee shop (with food) in the world. We provide the logos you can use (see below), and can be changed to ANY language. There are no additional fees for this program, it's all included in the "League" package. Your rating is provided by the National Restaurant Organization.
The $100 Billion Dollar Financial Concept!
This Will include a Few Items! One: As a "Sophisticated Member," you will have access to the $100-Billion-Dollar Concept using the following Methods. The "League of Remarkable People" will be going public via Regulation D, 506(c) With Accredited Investors and Regulation D, Rule 701 for Advisors. If we feel you can bring a lot to the table, you could be in consideration as an Advisor to receive stock options. Shares will start at: $0.001 per share when available. This is a work in progress, and, once complete, you will have priority access before the masses.
Super Crypto, Secretly Coming Soon! Two: As a "Sophisticated Member," you will have access to this amazing crypto, which is backed by $3.7 Trillion Dollars in Assets. Assets are made up of Real Estate, Precious Metals, Natural Resources and more. Currently, the coin has doubled twice in price and is trading to heavy weights at $785 per coin. YOU will have information on when the coin will double again and be able to take full advantage. The "League" works directly with the Founder of the coin program. Here's another interesting thing. "Market Makers" are predicting  the coin to go over $100,000 Each because of the incredible amount of assets (and more being added). Unlike other cryptos which are backed by nothing but "thin air," this coin will become a monster when it's fully revealed. Once you join the "League," you'll have immediate access to the coin and who's backing it.
More financial Gain! Three: As other businesses and business people join our program, and are made aware of the Crypto and start swapping it for other currencies including USD and so on. When that happens, this will increase the value of the coin and will be a huge family of like-minded business people. As the "League" grows, so do you. In other words, you can actually generate added revenue (even from your competition), as more "Sophisticated Members" enter the program. Furthermore, should you choose to promote the program to other businesses and business people, you'll generate upfront profits and back-end revenue from YOUR other products and services.
- Here's Everything You'll Receive -
Complete done-for-you setup of your main page with your name or business name, up to four fields with a description and links to your OTHER products, services or opportunities.

Your own personal link.

When you refer someone who joins our program ($298), you'll make a $100 commission.

Once your account is set up (within 48-hours), you'll have immediate access to all your "Sophisticated Member" benefits.

Promoting our program is optional, so if you're just interested in using the benefits only, we have a signup form just for that.

Complete back office setup with access to all your benefits, logos and other information.

Ongoing in-the-know new benefits and services as they're added.
Total Price: $298. No monthly fees. $50 optional annual renewal.
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