FTC Compliance
To be FTC Compliant, we have to make available a NO PURCHASE NECESSARY option to get in on the full "seller network." No forced payments or purchases of any kind required (no consideration). Here are your two options to sign-up and use our program.
Option One. You'll sign-up and make two purchases. The first purchase is a "support package" and the second purchase is one of our products. In other words, "payment for services rendered." The "Support package" includes Customer Support, Hosting, and Tracking. In other words, everything is done for you.
Option Two. NO-PURCHASE-NECESSARY. When you sign-up, DO NOT purchase a "support package" or a product. By NOT making a payment for our "services rendered," you'll use your own. At some point, if you do retail one of our products, you'll have access to wholesale prices without paying us for support.
Again, to be FTC compliant, You are not paid for recruiting or inviting. All revenues generated come from personal and "seller network" product retail sales only.
The "League of Remarkable People" does NOT pay any commissions. Track22 is a "matchmaking" service for our products that assigns the buyer to the correct seller.
The FTC also likes full disclosure. Yes, we have to show you a chart of all the dollar amounts on packages potentially sold in your "seller network," but these are not income claims. All revenues generated are based on retail sales (if any), your skillset and work ethic. The FTC also says that most people who join part-time or home-based businesses ... "make little or no money. Some of them lose money." Even though there are no fees to be a seller with our program, please keep in mind that, if you decide to establish a "seller network," you may make little or no money.
Please note: All products are sold on an annual subscription basis. Our success is dependent upon renewals, which is why we will be continually adding more benefits and services to each product to give it greater value. Our "3 years in the making" has proven that the more value we add, the greater the renewals will be.
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